Competition of online transportation services in Indonesia is still tight and getting tighter. This situation forces businesses to brainstorming the best for their customers, from subsidizing to providing chat features.

After Grab and Uber released a messaging feature to allow passengers to communicate with drivers, it is now Go-Jek's turn to release similar features. This feature makes it easy for both parties to avoid leaving the Go-Jek app to communicate. After Go-Jek launches this, it means now the online transport application competition for chatting via the Internet is complete and will make the competition more exciting.
For those of you who forget the chat feature of each app, here is a comparison between the three:

Grab Chat

Singapore-based online transport service company, can be regarded as a pioneer of chat features. Launched in October 2016, Grab announces the presence of an instant messaging feature called GrabChat. With these features, users can communicate with riders in various services, such as GrabBike, GrabCar, and GrabTaxi, directly in the Grab app, without the need to spend a call to text or text.

If your Internet connection is not good, then GrabChat will automatically switch to SMS so that the message you want to communicate remains up, but of course with the consequence your pulse should be truncated. To use this feature, users only need to press the message bubble button is white and green. Then users and riders can directly send messages without leaving the application.

Uber Chat


In August 2017, Uber presents a Chat feature in its application to facilitate communication between passengers and driver partners. This feature is used in all Uber services, UberMotor, UberX, and UberBlack. As a company already operating in many cities and countries, Uber provides this service in all countries. If you are abroad and only carry a mobile SIM card from your home country, this service will still run using internet data plan.

Gojek Chat

The chat feature of the company founded by Nadiem Makarim is still relatively new, because the new present in its application on Wednesday. Until now Go-Jek has not officially announced this chat feature.
The way of life, once the user orders, this app will bring up a notification to let Go-Jek have provided a chat feature. You can use the feature by pressing the blue button like a message bubble.
Because it is new, the chat feature in Go-Jek has not been evenly distributed to many users. If the passenger has received the chat feature but the driver has not received, it will automatically be directed communications to SMS.
The online transport network application has helped many consumers, and the presence of chat features in this application increasingly pamper consumers who now no longer need to spend the pulse to communicate with the driver.

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