Today's business opportunities and businesses that have promising prospects and will be a trend, certainly never apart from the current economic development is already running and growing so rapidly with increasingly intense competition.

It is undeniable that every year there will always be new arrivals in business and business, with a variety of creativity they create in order to win the competition.

For a beginner, what is the most potential business and promising business this year is still the most difficult to determine with various reasons, such as capital, relationships, and not have enough experience to start.

Trend Business Opportunities and Businesses 2017

Kind of promising and profitable business opportunities in 2017 

Some of the types of businesses that we will discuss below are expected to be a source of special reference for the beginner, and want to start his career in the field of small business but quite potential to bring in big income.

#1 Online Business (Internet Marketer)

Trend Business Online

Online business or internet marketer (IM) will occupy the top position in business opportunities and business that has become a trend in 2017, because it has been proven to have a growth rate so significant that it can be quite promising to be occupied.

In fact, this digital-based technology will be turned into one of 2018 business opportunities are very potential and can be counted on as a field of business, given the internet users in the world is increasingly soar uncontrollable even has become the daily life needs of the community. And this is the best opportunity that can be an opportunity to open a business.

This type of business can start with a small capital, the most important is to have online facilities and internet access, so pursue business in the field of online can be spelled out so fun, because it can be done from anywhere as long as there is internet network, and anytime even allows you to work without having to move from the bedroom though.

# 2 Franchise - The newest franchise for beginners 

Trend Business Franchise

Want to start a business but is constrained by the lack of ideas and has no experience, or feel less confident to pioneer it yourself, then choosing the type of franchise business can be the solution. It can be said that most suitable for a beginner because run this franchise business model they will be assisted by the owner of the franchise (brand holder) from training to the stage of the process.

As a beginner will not be confused with the concept of business to be lived, they just stay running according to kamampuan capital by staying shelter under the brand name of a franchise company selected or in follow.

Here are some examples of franchise businesses that are already quite popular and proven to be very profitable.
  • Martabak Simpsons - A food business category established since 2014 with an investment of around Rp 20 million to join the company.
  • Kebab Turki - Food category and has been established since 2009 with an investment capital of Rp 19 million.
  • Joker Laundry - A service business category that has been around since 2014 with an investment of Rp 15 million.
  • Ice Blend Monster - The category of beverage business that is quite popular and established since 2012 with an investment of Rp 6.5 million.
Actually there are many more types and examples of new franchise business that recently emerged, and this will continue to grow into a promising business opportunities throughout the year 2018 until the next.

# 3 Creative industry 

Trend Business Industry

Discussing about creative business idea surely need expertise and high creativity from skilled hands to produce a product that is worth selling. The emergence of the idea to start or pursue creative business can start from a talent or even from the original just a hobby. And this is a breakthrough business opportunity that is quite feasible to consider because there is a statement that the most enjoyable job is a paid hobby.

Here are some examples of creative business ideas that are proven to be very profitable and profitable.
  • Design drawing - Having the expertise of designing images or other types of graphics is a potential business opportunity, even for this year is still a lot of design services needed by consumers. Such as the design of t-shirts distro, logo design, cutting stickers and photo editing services.
  • Recycling - Utilizing used goods, optimizing your talents and skills and creativity by making new products worth selling. Example: Make sourvenir from the former matches that have high selling value.
  • Culinary Field - Creating a menu or processed with new creations that can attract consumer interest such as when ngetrendnya rainbow cake, round tofu, satanic noodles, robbery noodles and much more.
Many people who initially pursue this creative business only as a side business, but because it has been able to feel its potential, it is not uncommon to make it as the main job in the end.

# 4 Entertainment industry - Entertainment

Trend Business Entertainment

The latest business and business opportunities, especially in the field of entertainment or entertainment is sure to grow more rapidly in line with the economic growth of this country. For this type of business is classified as very fast generating income and very profitable because it usually involves the rich people who will become consumers.

In terms of capital can indeed be said to require funds that are not small to be able to run this entertainment business. But if you are keen to read opportunities, in fact there are many diversity entertainment business that can be started with a small capital.

# 5 Business in services

Trend Business Services

Again in response to the rapidly growing conditions of society as well as with various activities, then the situation like this automatically has opened a variety of new business opportunities such as in the field of services. Business services tend to be more in demand by business actors because it is very needed by the community to help facilitate various activities.

Some examples of the following service businesses can make references to you consider according to ability, including capital and expertise you have.
  • Washing motor - Can start with less than Rp 10 million capital and of course very potential because the increase motorcycle owners will continue to increase every day.
  • Laundry service - This one is also increasingly needed by people who have busy enough densely, especially for those who live in urban areas.
  • Tutoring - This service business can be said almost without capital if you already have a house that can be utilized as a place to open special tutoring services for children.
  • Printing - If in the past this type of business is still done conventionally, while now after the technology is growing, then business printing business is more popular called printing services.
Various efforts in the field of services tend to be very closely related to the type of home business opportunity or type of small business category is very promising and worthy to be occupied.

# 6 Business opportunities and business in property

Indeed the reality to be able to jump in this business requires tremendous capital, but it will certainly be proportional to the value of profits are very tempting. In addition, this property business is also one form of various types of profitable investments with profits that will continue to increase every year.

So that was a brief review along with some examples that you can make as a reference source and consideration in facing the business world and business of today which will certainly continue to grow more rapidly in the future. May be useful.

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