To enjoy a holiday without the hassle and ribet quite easily. Unlike a few years ago had to bring a lot of cash sheets that sometimes cause a lot of worry even an unexpected event. In addition to problems to transact, it is also necessary other preparations are mature body conditions are fit and what will be brought.

While vacationing in the present era you do not need to carry cash in cash enough to bring a card that is safer and lighter also facilitate the payment process or conduct any transaction is called cashless. Many advantages are gained by using this facility compared to carrying cash in cash. Here are some reasons why using cashlees while on vacation is a better option than carrying cash.

Some advantages of using non-cash transactions or electronic money during the holidays

Electronic Money

# 1 Minimize the risk of loss 

 If until your cash lost, of course, can disrupt the holidays. Because your focus is to seek to get the money lost. Especially if you bring with a very large number, then you will be very loss. In addition to your material loss will be time loss as well.

# 2 Prevent threats of crime 

Spending time for vacations in the usual entertainment venues are crowded by criminals such as pickpocketing. Do not carry a lot of cash, it's better to take as little as possible for parking money or just to buy a snack.

We recommend bringing money in non-cash like ATM cards or credit cards. If you lose even just call the call center to block your pin no so you have a safe money other than that not too heavy burden of the contents of your bag.

# 3 Save in e-wallet will be more practical 

The more advanced technology not only in the field of electronics, but in terms of financial transactions were also given convenience. If first we want to shop should bring a lot of money and if must pay the bill must be to certain outlets that the distance is not close.

Now with the E-Wallet facility can facilitate you in the transaction without having to go to where to pay the bill with a thick wallet containing the sheets of money. The convenience of this can be to pay shopping bills online or offline, paying electricity or water that has matured when you are out for a vacation. Other advantages besides saving time are also given promos and other attractive discounts.

If your balance in E-wallet starts to run thin, there is no need to worry because only through ATM or internet banking in hp and other gadgets you can directly top up balance in your E-Wallet. Vacation of course everyone wants to enjoy it to let go of all the fatigue after work with so do not want the name ribet carrying wallet with a lot of money, when we buy something a lot of money back in the form of coins that will add weight of wallet. By using cashless facility such as credit card or ATM, you only need to transact by swiping the card then entering the PIN number. Easy and practical, is not it?

# 4 Many cashless promos

The holidays offered today are very interesting because many promos ranging from discounts are quite large enough to installments with 0% interest. This is enough to save your expenses. If you have a promo credit card offered ranging from ticket price cuts, lodging, entrance tickets and rides, and other interesting promos. Do not waste the opportunity to enjoy your vacation time is getting cheaper and fun. It's only natural that you have a desire while on vacation that makes the expenses so swollen.

However, when using a cashless facility such as an electronic money card, you can better measure expenses compared to using cash. This is because of course you already estimate the money in the card. That way, unnecessary spending can be reduced and not make you go bankrupt while on vacation. The use of cashless facilities is feels easier and more practical while on vacation because you do not need to be bothered by carrying cash in large quantities. Even so, you should also keep the use of the card you use so as not to make your financial deficit. Make sure the vacation you plan to run smoothly and fun without leaving any harm later.

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